GlobalMediaPro Li95S Battery And SC1 Charger Review (Sort Of)

V-Lock batteries. There’s a babillion of them out there. Some cost a fortune, some don’t. This one cost me £160 for the battery and charger and about £27 in import duty to the UK and I got it straight from the people at GlobalMediaPro.

GlobalMediaPro Li95S Battery

GlobalMediaPro SC1 Charger

But is it any good? To be honest I don’t know as I haven’t used it in anger for an extended period yet. But here’s the details, some photos, an unboxing video and an endurance test for ya. As always, there’s more photos in the Flickr Set for this post.

The Battery

This is a GlobalMediaPro Li95S V-Lock battery. It’s pretty standard as far as V-Locks go. It also has a D-TAP output and a power input for charging using the charger that comes with the kit.

GlobalMediaPro Li95S Battery DTAP and Power Input

It also has one of those nice LED indicators to tell you if its full and empty.

GlobalMediaPro Li95S battery check button and LED

The website says the vital stats are as follows:

Voltage : 14.4 V
Full voltage : 16.8+/-0.1 V
Cutoff voltage : 11 V
Capacity : 95 Wh
Power limit : 54 W
Dimensions excluding mount : 150 x 102 x 42 mm (5.91 x 4.02 x 1.65 in)
Weight approx : 710 g (1.57 lbs)
Mount type : V-Lock (V-Mount)

The bottom of the battery has a plastic (but quite solid feeling) V bit, but it looks like you could unscrew and replace this with a metal one it you want. It looks like this:

GlobalMediaPro Li95S Battery bottom

The Charger

GlobalMediaPro SC1 Charger

As this is the ‘try out kit’ it came with a charger, namely the SC1 Charger. This is particularly useful for me as I don’t really need load of batteries to power my soundkit and therefore don’t need a (costly) multi-charger either. It’s a pretty standard charging block, comes with a UK plug and ends in a D-TAP plug. It also comes with the adapter that turns it into the right plug for the power-input for charging the battery.

GlobalMediaPro SC1 Charger and adapter

Vital stats from their website are:

Input : 90~240 V, 47~63 Hz
Output charging voltage : DC 16.75+0.05 V
Output charging current : max 2.2 A, normal 2.0 A
Full Charge : 65 Wh – 196 min, 95 Wh – 278 min, 160 Wh – 425 min, 190Wh – 499 min
Operating temperature : 5 oC~35 oC (41 oF~ 95 oF)
Dimensions : 69 x 138 x 40 mm (2.72 x 5.43 x 1.57 in)
Weight : 480 g (1.06 lbs)

The Tests

As it arrived almost completely flat I thought I’d test how long it took to charge to full. Using the charger provided it took about 4 hours, which isn’t too bad! I then threw it in my soundkit to see how long it would last. The battery sits on a HawkWoods V-Lock plate that distributes power through Hirose to a SoundDevices 552 mixer (with a mic using P48) and two Micron 100 RXs. I then sat back and watched TV while the LED’s bounced happily away.

Sound Devices 552 and GlobalMediaPro Li95S 3

Much to my surprise it lasted just over 27 hours! I don’t intend to be working for 27 hours straight but I’m pleased to see it’ll do a couple of standard days without the need for a charge.


I think GlobalMediaPro are based in New Zealand, or possibly Australia. Either way it flew in with DHL so packaging is important. I made a (slightly rambling) unboxing video for you to see exactly what you get when you buy one of these batteries. Enjoy!

1 thought on “GlobalMediaPro Li95S Battery And SC1 Charger Review (Sort Of)

  1. didier vaillant

    thanks for your review .Just bought and received this equipment .I have charge fully the battery with the charger .How do i go from this battery to my BmCC 2.5K .Which output on the battery and which cable .PHOTO of the connection would definitely help .THANKS
    As i am new on Bmcc i need help

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