Kit List

Sound Devices 664 multitrack mixer/recorder

Audio Developments 146 linear fader mixer

Sennheiser 416 microphone

2 Micron TX/RX wireless packs


2 Sanken COS11-D mics

1 Countryman B6 mic

2 AKG SE300B mic power modules

2 AKG CK91 cardioid mic heads

1 AGK CK92 omni mic head

1 AKG CK94 figure8 mic head

2 Beyerdynamic M58 presenter interview mics

Ambient ACD301 timecode slate with 3 wireless TC TRX

Deneke SB-3 timecode generator sync box

Hawkwoods NP-1 power distribution

Boom poles, suspension cages and windgags

ENG tails

ComPack telephone audio interface

Range of adapters and cables

If you need anything a bit more specialised please ask, I can source additional equipment and find solutions to your specific needs.

Last shot of the Trafalgar Tours commercial, in a pub in Belfast